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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
Event 2017GERBitburg [Germany] European Masters 12. - 14. May 2017:
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Fields Layout:

Bitburg 2017 Breakout Field Layout Bitburg 2017 Pit Field Layout
Bitburg 2017 Side Field Layout Bitburg 2017 2D Field Layout
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Next event: European Masters in Bitburg, Germany

Site Address

Sportschule Bitburg Sportpark-Hotel GmbH & Co.KG
- Sportanlage -
Flugplatzstr. 1
54634 Bitburg
Phone: +49(0)6561 607-0

Playing Surface - Grass on all Fields

MS Bitburg Germany 2016

We are going to have the very special area for kids only - KIDS PLAYGROUND - on every our event. You are welcome there with kids to play NERF, WATER GUN… and to have FUN... The access is for free!

Kids playground in Puget

You were asking about the party in Bitburg ... so you have it!

Anthrax Paintball welcomes everyone to Heizwerk Club in Bitburg starting from 9pm on Saturday eve (May 13th). You can check them at https://www.facebook.com/events/1270806193031632/ for more information.

Bitburg Heizwerk Anthrax Party

Now seriously, that was a fun!!!! You missed it? ... bad luck! Thanks to Antrax for the GREAT PARTY in Bitburg!



We welcome everyone to our tradeshow in Bitburg!

MS Bitburg Tradeshow

Bitburg [Germany] European Masters Schedule Champions Paintball League 2017:

Schedule Champions Paintball League Bitburg 2017


3 day schedule CPL (Pro), SP, D1, D2, D3, D4, EPBF Women's World Cup (complete version): [ms_schedule2017_bitburg.pdf]
2 day schedule D3 (complete version): [ms_schedule2017_bitburg_d3.pdf]
2 day schedule D4 (complete version): [ms_schedule2017_bitburg_d4.pdf]

Hotel Eifelstern, Bitburg
Charles-Lindbergh-Allee 6
54634 Bitburg
Tel: 0049 6561-91500
Fax: 0049 6561-915010
Email: paintball@eifelstern.com
Website: www.eifelstern.com/en/

Prices per person, per night including breakfast:
Four bed-room: €45
Three bed-room: €48
Double room: €55
Single room: €69
Online Booking Form: https://online-res.com/system.php?hid=569&apid=Eifelstern&selectID=569-26859&lang=de 
Booking form: [bitburg_eifelstern_booking-form-2017.pdf]

Sportschule Bitburg
Charles-Lindbergh-Allee 12
54634 Bitburg
Tel: 0049 6561 607-0
Fax: 0049 6561 607-120
Email: info@sportschule-bitburg.de
Website: www.sportschule-bitburg.de/sporthotel

Prices per person, per night with breakfast:
Single room: €85
Double room:€61
Triple room:€45

Travel Information


Luxembourg - 45 minute drive

Direct Flights include - Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Lisbon, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London City, Madrid, Malaga, Milan, Munich, Nice, Rome, Salzburg, Vienna, Venice.

Frankfurt-Hahn - 1 hr 15 minute drive

Direct Flights include - Alicante, Bari, Budapest, Dublin, Edinburgh, Gothenburg, Lisbon, London Stansted, Malaga, Milan, Montpellier, Oslo, Porto, Riga, Rome, Sofia, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Thessaloniki, Venice.

Frankfurt Main - 2 hr 20 minute drive

Direct Flights include - Aberdeen, Alicante, Antalya, Amsterdam, Athens, Atlanta, Barcelona, Basel, Berlin, Bilboa, Birmingham, Bristol, Brussels, Boston, Budapest, Bucharest, Caracas, Copenhagen, Chicago, Dallas, Dresden, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Florence, Gothenbourg, Hamburg, Hannover, Helsinki, Krakow, Libreville, London Heathrow, London City, Los Angeles, Luxembourg, Lyon, Madrid, Manchester, Miami, Mexico, Marseille, Moscow, Naples, New York, Nice, Orlando, Oslo, Paris, Porto, Prague, Riga, Salzburg, Saint Petersburg, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Thessaloniki, Toulouse, Venice, Warsaw.

Lost things in Bitburg announcement:

Our Millennium Series photographer Nina Anna lost the sd cards (32GB) with the pics from Friday. If anyone found it, we would be very much grateful if you can return it! Nina is making great pictures so we don`t want to miss any of it.

Sunrise-Sunset [Airport EDRB]

Thursday: 5:54 - 21:06
Friday: 5:52 - 21:08
Saturday: 5:51 - 21:09
Sunday: 5:50 - 21:10

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CPL field
Date Time Slot 1 Slot 2
11 May14:00
Ramstein Instinct
Ramstein Instinct
11 May15:00
FiveStar Lleida
FiveStar Lleida
11 May16:00
Breakout Spa
Breakout Spa
11 May17:00
Offenburg Comin At Ya
Offenburg Comin At Ya
11 May18:00
Vienna United
Vienna United
11 May19:00
PPArena Pilsen
Vision Marseille
11 May20:00  —  —
11 May21:00  —  —
11 May22:00  —  —

SPL field
Date Time Slot 1 Slot 2
11 May14:15
FiveStar Lleida 2
FiveStar Lleida 2
11 May15:15
Helsinki Cyclone
Razorback Saint Etienne
11 May16:15
Ghost Paris
Vision PPC Grenoble
11 May17:15
Offenburg Comin At Ya 2
Offenburg Comin At Ya 2
11 May18:15
Stockholm Ignition
Stockholm Ignition
11 May19:15
Assala Libreville
Assala Libreville
11 May20:15  —  —
11 May21:15  —  —
11 May22:15  —  —

D1 field
Date Time Slot 1 Slot 2
11 May14:30
Ghost Paris 2
Bad Boys Oss 2
11 May15:30
Sheriff Kostanay
Phoenix St Petersburg
11 May16:30
Ugly Ducklings Odense
Poison Ivy Drammen
11 May17:30
Lions PB Martigny
Lions PB Martigny
11 May18:30
Desperados Moscow
Pyatigorsk Russian Roulette
11 May19:30  —  —
11 May20:30  —  —
11 May21:30  —  —

D2 field
Date Time Slot 1 Slot 2
11 May14:45  —  —
11 May15:45  —  —
11 May16:45  —  —
11 May17:45
Russian National Team
11 May18:45  —  —
11 May19:45  —  —
11 May20:45  —  —
11 May21:45  —  —

Attention: During training session on Thursday all regular safety rules fully apply. On the field goggles must be worn all the time by everybody, off the field barrel socks must be on all the time. Teams whose members are not following these basic safety requirements at all times will be excluded from training immediately.


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