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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series

Woodsball News

Results from Puget-Sur-Argens 2014:

1 Sandbaggers 12/16
2 Ratpasse 9/7
3 Celtic Barbarians 6/1
4 Dutch Privateers 3/-9
5 Assala 0/-14

Millennium Series Woodsball Event

  • One Day Event : Sunday 6th April
  • 5 man
  • Double flag game
  • 15 Minute games
  • Unrestricted roster

Entry Fee: €250 per Team inc VAT (€209 exc VAT)

*Millennium ID Card Required (Player, Pit, Press, Sponsor all eligible)

Millennium Series Woodsball EventMillennium Series Woodsball Event

Tournament Format:

Maximum 12 teams
Play in groups of
3 games per teams
The best 4 proceed to play semi finals

*If 3 groups: first of each group and best 2nd placed team.
*If 2 groups: best 2 teams of each group.

Game Format:


Scoring for games will be conducted as follows:

- A team will be awarded 3 Matchpoints for a valid flag hang.

- A team will be awarded 2 Matchpoints for “flag in transit”. A flag in transit occurs if the opponent’s flag is at the end of the game in possession of a live player. If both parties are in possession of the flag, the Matchpoints will be only awarded to the first to pull the opponents flag.

- Each team will receive 1 Matchpoint for a draw. A draw will be any game where theflag was not grabbed or the last possible flag carrier was eliminated at the end of the game.

- A team will receive 0 Matchpoints for a loss.

- A team will also receive Elimination Difference (E/D) points. E/D points are calculated as the numeric difference between the number of own players being alive at the end of the game and the number of live opponents. Therefore the E/D can range from positive 5 (+5) to negative 5 (-5). Elimination Difference Points are only relevant in case of a tiebreak between teams. Points are awarded at the conclusion of the game by the Head Referee.



Open until Saturday 28th March 7pm subject to availability

Millennium Series Woodsball Event

Page last updated: 27 of February, 2015
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