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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
Teams 2014 from France:

1FRA Toulouse Tontons  CPL #6  with:212 Points
2FRA Outrage Valence  CPL #8  with:172 Points
3FRA Marseille Icon  CPL #10  with:140 Points
4FRA Paris Camp Carnage  CPL #11  with:132 Points
5FRA GK Paris  CPL #13  with:68 Points
6FRA Hellwood Paris  CPL #15  with:48 Points
7FRA Vision Marseille  CPL #16  with:24 Points
8FRA Toulouse Dagnir Dae  SPL1 #14  with:200 Points
9FRA Training Junior Nantes  SPL1 #16  with:186 Points
10FRA Marseille Taz  SPL1 #21  with:152 Points
11FRA Redball Paris  SPL2 #3  with:328 Points
12FRA Outlaw Lille  SPL2 #4  with:306 Points
13FRA Hellys Montpellier  SPL2 #7  with:256 Points
14FRA Scalp ME Saulx les Chartreux  SPL2 #9  with:252 Points
15FRA Dynamix Metz  SPL2 #10  with:238 Points
16FRA Razorback Saint Etienne  SPL2 #12  with:236 Points
17FRA Gold Coast Dijon  SPL2 #13  with:232 Points
18FRA 7eme Compagnie Nancy  SPL2 #15  with:202 Points
19FRA Toulouse Dagnir Dae 2  SPL2 #17  with:190 Points
20FRA Vision PPC Grenoble  SPL2 #22  with:124 Points
21FRA Marseille Taz 2  SPL2 #23  with:104 Points
22FRA Volks Paris  SPL2 #24  with:92 Points
23FRA Ipnoz Paris  SPL2 #25  with:90 Points
24FRA Indecence Les Fourgs  Open Division 1 #1  with:366 Points
25FRA Section Paradise Annecy  Open Division 1 #2  with:312 Points
26FRA Redball Paris 2  Open Division 1 #6  with:280 Points
27FRA Paintschool Veckring  Open Division 1 #14  with:144 Points
28FRA Joe Bar Kidz Pelissanne  Open Division 1 #16  with:112 Points
29FRA Elite Ile d Oleron  Open Division 1 #17  with:112 Points
30FRA Orion Angers  Open Division 1 #21  with:88 Points
31FRA Marseille Icon 2  Open Division 1 #22  with:80 Points
32FRA Dynamix Metz 2  Open Division 1 #25  with:77 Points
33FRA Marseille Taz 3  Open Division 1 #28  with:68 Points
34FRA Weapons Saint-Dizier  Open Division 1 #32  with:50 Points
35FRA Evil Men Toulouse  Open Division 1 #42  with:20 Points
36FRA X-Men Paris  Open Division 1 #44  with:17 Points
37FRA Electrons Dijon  Open Division 2 #4  with:262 Points
38FRA Insidious Saint-Remy-de-Provence  Open Division 2 #7  with:216 Points
39FRA Alcatraz Paris  Open Division 2 #8  with:194 Points
40FRA Evil Men Toulouse 2  Open Division 2 #9  with:184 Points
41FRA Pirates Voodoo Nice  Open Division 2 #10  with:176 Points
42FRA Fanatics Marseille  Open Division 2 #11  with:172 Points
43FRA HBT Veckring  Open Division 2 #14  with:138 Points
44FRA Ratpasse Marseille  Open Division 2 #27  with:71 Points
45FRA Dissidents Nice  Open Division 2 #33  with:52 Points
46FRA Brakassees Frejus  Open Division 2 #35  with:48 Points
47FRA Entourage GK Paris  Open Division 2 #36  with:44 Points
48FRA Mafia Family Lelling  Open Division 2 #40  with:40 Points
49FRA Jacks Team Chalon  Open Division 2 #50  with:31 Points
50FRA Paris PBS 91  Open Division 2 #53  with:29 Points
51FRA EXK Manosque  Open Division 2 #62  with:25 Points
52FRA Nissa Nice  Open Division 2 #70  with:22 Points
53FRA Troyes Phoenix  Open Division 2 #76  with:19 Points
54FRA La Rochelle Sharks  Open Division 2 #78  with:18 Points

# Teams from France: 54
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