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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
Teams 2013 from Germany:

1GER Frankfurt Syndicate  CPL #7  with:180 Points
2GER Ramstein Instinct  CPL #14  with:60 Points
3GER Offenburg Comin At Ya  SPL #2  with:334 Points
4GER Roosters Ulm  SPL #20  with:128 Points
5GER Destination Wetzlar  Division 2 #5  with:280 Points
6GER MAXS Family Frankfurt  Division 2 #20  with:87 Points
7GER Kingsize Berlin  Division 2 #24  with:72 Points
8GER Gelsenkirchen Xcellence  Division 2 #28  with:64 Points
9GER Red Flash Frankfurt  Division 2 #35  with:52 Points
10GER Ballistics Goettingen  Division 2 #39  with:40 Points
11GER Fraggle Army Flensburg  Division 2 #41  with:32 Points
12GER MAXS Family Frankfurt 2  Division 2 #44  with:29 Points
13GER Hitsquad Europe Limburg  Division 3 #8  with:175 Points
14GER Glory Skulls Dorsten  Division 3 #22  with:88 Points
15GER Nex Cardinales Muehlhausen  Division 3 #29  with:76 Points
16GER Insanity Freudenburg  Division 3 #30  with:74 Points
17GER 69ers Wiesloch  Division 3 #31  with:72 Points
18GER Hellraisers Freiburg  Division 3 #34  with:64 Points
19GER Devils Rejects Mannheim  Division 3 #39  with:56 Points
20GER Inclement Frankfurt  Division 3 #60  with:27 Points
21GER Foerdegeier Kiel  Division 3 #64  with:25 Points
22GER Rebirth Berlin  Division 3 #69  with:22 Points
23GER Dirty Revolution Hanau  Division 3 #72  with:19 Points
24GER Undisputed Marburg  Division 3 #74  with:16 Points
25GER Rebirth Berlin 2  Division 3 #75  with:14 Points
26GER Glory Skulls Dorsten 2  Division 3 #77  with:12 Points
27GER Kaiserslautern Legion  Division 3 #78  with:11 Points
28GER Paintoff Berlin  Division 3 #82  with:6 Points

# Teams from Germany: 28
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