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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
Teams 2008 from Portugal:

1POR Lisbon Benfica  SPL #5with:366 Points
2POR Azimut Portimao  Division 1 #14with:248 Points
3POR Lisbon Titans  Division 1 #19with:216 Points
4POR Lisbon Xteam Delta Cafes  Division 1 #34with:64 Points
5POR Pintabolas  Division 2 #4with:342 Points
6POR Azimut Energy Aveiro  Division 2 #22with:63 Points
7POR Metralhas  Division 2 #36with:30 Points
8POR Magma Mater  Division 2 #43with:15 Points
9POR Lisbon Underground  Division 2 #44with:12 Points
10POR Paintland Team  Division 3 M5 #28with:220 Points
11POR Enemies  Division 3 M5 #58with:153 Points
12POR Ductos Fenix  Division 3 M5 #95with:86 Points
13POR Lisbon Inspectors  Division 3 M5 #101with:81 Points
14POR Bando de Irmaos  Division 3 M5 #110with:57 Points
15POR Lisbon Xteam Delta Cafes 2  Division 3 M5 #132with:24 Points
16POR XXL Team  Division 3 M5 #138with:15 Points

# Teams from Portugal: 16
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