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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
11 of May, 2013

European Masters 2013 Bitburg, May 24th to 26th

Bitburg 2013

Now just 2 weeks to go....

  • Near on 160 Teams competing
  • More than 20 countries represented
  • Featuring the EPBF Women’s Championships
  • Free entry to spectators to all 4 fields, on all days

Bitburg 2013

Can't make it to the event? You can now view games from the CPL field throughout the event on Millennium Series TV Live Webcast! Available to all through the following link /media.php?info=broadcast There’s no excuse to miss any of the CPL field action and to not be part of the amazing on site atmosphere this event creates!

Let the countdown begin...

Bitburg 2013

The Millennium Paintball Series News
09 of May, 2013


The Millennium is the oldest series in the world and has been the driving force behind making paintball a sport. We brought paintball out of the woods and into Arenas, we developed the rules and criteria to turn paintball into a fully fledged sport. The Millennium has always looked for new ways to increase the profile and acceptance of the sport.

Now The Millennium will bring paintball into the light. The 4th event and finale of the 2013 series will be held on the weekend of September 13th – 15th in a fantastic new venue, Paris, France. This will be the best venue ever used in paintball, a beautiful location with many attractions for all, a superb place to bring your family and a world class place to play paintball. Enjoy France at its very best.

All location details will be released shortly in conjunction with the city and Mayor’s office, nobody will be disappointed.

The Millennium has spent a lot of time and effort seeking out a number of new venues to take the profile of the sport to a new level, investing in the future growth of our sport. This is the start of this process. 2014 will be the continuation, taking us all on a new and very exciting journey.

The Millennium Paintball Series News
06 of May, 2013

Millennium Series Field Sale Bitburg

Millennium Field Sale Bitburg 2013

The Millennium Paintball Series News
30 of April, 2013

Walk the layout of the Millennium European Masters Bitburg 2013 ...
from your computer !!

User friendly & free web application

Don't wait to walk in the field, check by clicking here now !

Walk the Millennium Series field

The mobile app will be available within two weeks.

Meanwhile, you can try out Puget sur Argens layout which is now included in
« XField Paintball ».

Google PlayApp Store

The Millennium Paintball Series News
26 of April, 2013

Division 2 and Division 3 both Increased for European Masters

Following our sunny first event in Puget, we are seeing more and more teams now registering from our next event of the season, and this has led to Division 3 already selling out some four weeks in advance of the Event! Due to demand we are pleased to confirm that we have now extended both Division 2 and Division 3 for the upcoming European Masters Event.

The last few places still remain in both Divisions. If you would like to secure one for your team, and join us in Germany, please visit https://epbf.paintball.biz/area-league/register.php?league=Millennium-Series and get your team signed up!

The European Masters will see over 130 compete, plus we will host the EPBF Ladies Championship at this event. Hopefully the sun will shine on us again and help lead to a fantastic atmosphere as at last year’s packed event.

If you cannot compete but still wish to be a part of the event, admission for spectators is free on all three days, come and support your favourite teams, or watch from home on our live Millennium Series TV Webcast which will broadcast action from the CPL field on all days! Further information on viewing times will follow.

The Millennium Paintball Series News
25 of April, 2013

Fields layout for the European Masters in Bitburg is online!

Check out the fields layout for the European Masters in Germany here: www.millennium-series.com/events.php?event=T2#fields

The Millennium Paintball Series News
24 of April, 2013

Winners Mediterranean Cup 2013 - Champions Paintball League: Toulouse Tontons

Toulouse Tontons

"The first event of the year was a good moment for us, we managed to pick up the first place because of our dye gear and CG paint, our DM13 and the help of Sup'air Ball. We are looking forward for the next event and the Tonton's are hungry for more victories, let's see ! We would like to say thanks to the referees, organisation, and teams."

The Millennium Paintball Series News
22 of April, 2013

Winners Mediterranean Cup 2013 - Semiprofessional Paintball League: Force Majeure Moscow

Force Majeure Moscow

"Force Majeure Moscow winning Mediterranean Cup! It was a tough event with so many good teams competing, and we are glad to start the season with the first victory!

Many thanks to our families and friends, who supported us at the fields and all the way back from Russia - we would not be able to win without you! 

We also would to thank our sponsors:
www.hkarmy.com - HK Army for our full outfit and coolest custom jerseys!
www.gisportz.com - GI Sportz for the best paint at the market!
And our friends from HyBrid foto for their continuous support!"

The Millennium Paintball Series News
21 of April, 2013

Winners Mediterranean Cup 2013 - Division 1: GI London Defiance

GI London Defiance

"GI London Defiance takes first place in the opening Millennium event of the season, we battled through the event with some experienced players and fresh young talent to take a 100 points and the 1st place trophy. We would like to thank firstly GI Sportz for their awesome 5* paint, it shot flawlessly throughout the event and we couldn't have achieved our result without it but the support from GI doesn't stop there.. their Herald pants, Vforce Grillz and Race packs kept us comfortable at all times.

We would also like to thank Style Supply for making amazing jerseys, LIPS Paintball for all our paintball needs, Project K the most advanced training system in the world, Bricketwood for giving us high quality training facilities all year round.

We look forward to Germany and working again for another 1st place."

The Millennium Paintball Series News
20 of April, 2013

Millennium Used Equipment Sale

Complete Netting System to include – Poles, netting, water drums, cables and pulleys. Full list available on request
Price: EUR 3500 

2 Complete Astro Turf Fields – A total of 3240m2 for only EUR 4900 (€1.5 per m2).

Contact: paula.nicol@millennium-series.com

Fields System 4Sale

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