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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
19 of April, 2013

Winners Mediterranean Cup 2013 - Division 2: Elite Ile d'Oleron

Elite Ile d Oleron

"We would like to say a great thanks to our sponsors who support us: MAXS and Draxxus with the best quality paint, Citrus, CHateau de la Gataudiere, Reload Paintball, JT.

We also would like to thank the Elite Family without it couldn't be possible to make a result. Thanks again for all people who support us !!!


The Millennium Paintball Series News
19 of April, 2013

Millennium Series 2013, Mediterranean Cup - CPL Finals Tontons vs. Impact Highlight

The Millennium Paintball Series News
18 of April, 2013

Winners Mediterranean Cup 2013 - Division 3: Apocalypses Brussels

Apocalypses Brussels

"Pour la saison 2013, Apocalypses Brussels est composé d'un compromis de joueurs expérimentés et de jeunes joueurs. Après notre première victoire, nous espérons confirmer dans les manches suivantes.
Nous remercions GI sportz, Vforce, Machine, Sport Attitude et Anthrax pour leur confiance placée en Apocalypses Brussels.

For the season 2013, Apocalypses Brussels consists of a compromise of experienced players and of young players. After our first victory, we hope to do the same in the following rounds.
We thank GI sportz, Vforce, Machine,Sport attitude and Anthrax for their placed confidence in Apocalypses Brussels.

GI Sportz... www.gisportz.com
Machine paintball... www.machinepaintball.com
Anthrax... www.anthraxpaintball.com
Brainball... www.brainball.be"

The Millennium Paintball Series News
17 of April, 2013

Training Sessions for European Masters to open Friday 19th April

Teams will be able to book onsite training sessions for our European Masters, from 11am CET, Friday 19th April.

Training session bookings are available to:

• All CPL, SPL and Division 1 teams
• Division 2 and Division 3 teams that are fully confirmed for the event

How To Book:

Log in to your team managers account https://epbf.paintball.biz/area-visitor/login.php?league=millennium-series and select “Training” from the left side menu.

A small deposit of EUR 50 per session must be paid at the time of booking, by credit card, in order for your booking to be confirmed.

Once opened up, a training schedule can be found at www.millennium-series.com/events.php?event=T2#training

The Millennium Paintball Series News
16 of April, 2013

Mediterranean Cup - A Thank You!

The weeks leading up to our opening event of the 2013 season were certainly challenging for our staff. For 6 weeks it rained solidly in the South of France, resulting in the heaviest rainfall in this part of France for over 50 years. Despite the terrible weather, our event staff did an amazing job to transform the site into what it became. Luckily the sun shone on us over the weekend, but we’d like to take this opportunity to say a public thank you to all our staff who worked tirelessly to make this happen.

Thank you to all teams and trade who attended this weekend and congratulations to all our winners! We’ll be adding photos during the week for you to look at, but for now, here’s some before and after photos to give you an idea as to what our staff were up against!

Photos before:

Puget before

Puget before

Puget before

Photos after:

Puget after

Puget after

Puget after

The Millennium Paintball Series News
12 of April, 2013

The season 2013 has started!

Find schedules of our first event this year in France here:

The livestream of the Champions Paintball League:

All rankings within divisions groups entering the 2013 season are actual now as well.

European Championship U19 facts you get there:

The Millennium Paintball Series News
04 of April, 2013

Falkoping Mashive join the SPL

Falkoping Mashive

The Millennium Paintball Series News
03 of April, 2013

GI London Defiance will be competing in division 1 of the Millennium Series for 2013

GI London Defiance

"The new 2013 GI London Defiance team roster is a exciting one and will be a mixture of experienced players and young fresh talent and we are looking forward to working our way through the season.

GI London Defiance are looking forward to representing GI Sportz by carrying it's name through the 2013 Millennium season. We will be shooting the best paint in the world from GI Sportz and using the all new 2013 GI pants and packs as well as the Vforce Grillz Goggles. The team will also be wearing fully custom jerseys from Style Supply and using London International Paintball Supplies (LIPS) for all it's other equipment needs. We'll also like to announce that we will be flying the Project K flag, the worlds most advanced online training system and will continue to practice at the UK's most premier paintball field Bricketwood. 

Check us out and receive direct news here - http://www.facebook.com/LondonDefiance
GI Sportz - http://www.gisportz.com/
Project K - http://www.the-k-project.com/
Style Supply - http://www.s2customs.com/
London International Paintball Supply (LIPS) - http://lips-paintball.com/
Machine Paintball - http://www.machinepaintball.com/
Bricketwood Training Center - http://www.facebook.com/Bricketwoodpaintball
PbNation - http://www.PbNation.com/"

The Millennium Paintball Series News
02 of April, 2013

Paint Xtreme confirmed as Gold Sponsors of the 2013 Season

Paint XtremePAINT XTREME exists since the year 2000. From the very beginning this German company has supported the Millennium. Every player who has been at a Millennium event know their colourful booths full of all kind of products. The company, with it's headquarters near Frankfurt, is the European (exclusive) distributor for such brands like LAYSICK, R7, CONTRACT KILLER CLOTHING, BEORANGED, NEW DESIGNZ, EXALT and also distributes (exclusivelly) such well known names like LUXE , KM, TIBERIUS, VIRTUE and many more. No matter if you are a dealer or player, it’s always worth visiting them at their booth or their website www.paint-xtreme.com

The Millennium Paintball Series News
02 of April, 2013

Millennium Series TV will broadcast all events in 2013 season

After the great success of the first incarnation of Millennium Series TV at the Paris Disney event in October 2012, the Millennium Series is proud to announce:

In 2013 all four tournaments will be fully covered by the most professional crews of Millennium Series TV! They will bring on your screen not only the action packed games on the CPL field from all angles and in great detail, but also interviews with the stars of our sport in the heat of the moment and impressions from the trade shows and the other fields. They will catch the unique atmosphere of each of our events and will stream it as live webcast on your TV, your PC or mobile device at your choice in HD. Additional highlights will be coverage of the EPBF championships running in conjunction at all four tournaments, starting with the EPBF U19 Youth Cup in Puget.

You can access live stream comfortably from www.millennium-series.com/media.php?info=broadcast and of course it is free for all.

If you are not there playing at the tournaments anyway, tune in and get first hand impressions!


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