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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
03 of July, 2009
Millennium Series 5th leg to be held at the beach resort of Antalya, Turkey on the 23rd - 25th October 2009

The Millennium Sarsilmaz Cup

It is with great pleasure and excitement that The Millennium announces the long awaited venue details for the 5th and final leg of the 2009 Millennium European Series, which will be held in Antalya, Turkey in conjunction with the Turkish Paintball Federation.

The location, at the beach resort of, Antalya, offers unrivalled facilities of anywhere so far on the Millennium Tour, with 5 and 4 star accommodations for the players and trade along with incredible football playing surfaces and facilities for playing paintball.

Although the hotels are right on the beach front, the playing area is just a 50m walk to the sports complex set back and sheltered from the sea breezes and the weather at this time of year has an incredible record of a blissful 25 C. So we are very confident of finishing the season in the sun and with a great party atmosphere.

Millennium CEO Barry Fuggle says ''having visited the venues and met with the Turkish Paintball Federation on a number of occasions, I could not help but be impressed by the quality of the venue not only the incredible grass playing surfaces and flood lights and of course the hotels, but the professionalism of the Turkish federation in its determination to bring the Millennium to Turkey and provide us with without doubt one of the best venues to date for a paint ball event in the world. Providing us with all the infrastructure we require and the back up and support to facilitate a move to turkey.''

The President of the Turkish Paintball Federation, Latif Aral Alis said ''We are very pleased to be a part of the World Paintball Community. The Millennium Series is one of the biggest and the most professional paintball series in the World and to have the 5th and final leg of the 2009 Series in Antalya is a great opportunity for both Turkish Paintball and the Millennium Series. We will work hard to make this the best event of the year. The players will have the opportunity to play paintball on high quality grass football pitches and also will spend a wonderful vacation on our beach resort.''

Full details of the exact location and booking details of flights ,hotels and booking procedure will be posted on the Millennium website on Friday the 10th of July 2009.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
01 of July, 2009

The Millennium Series will be selling Turf following our Paris Event.

The majority of the Turf has only been used at Bitburg and will have been used in Paris also. Some has been used at both our Malaga and Bitburg Events, but the Turf quality is still good and the following deal represents great value for money!

The Millennium are offering this Turf at a special price of between €3.00 and €3.50 per square metre, depending on quantity required. N.B - Turf can only be sold by the field.

We already have had a great deal of interest but a couple of fields still remain available - we expect these to be sold quickly however at these prices! If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact Head Office as soon as possible, or visit us at the Registration tent in Paris.

Please direct all enquiries to Paula at Head Office- paula@millennium-series.com 0044 845 2720860
The Millennium Paintball Series News
26 of June, 2009
Malaga Finals to be played Friday 3rd July in Paris!

The postponed games from our Fuengirola Beach Cup Event will be held during our Paris Event on Friday 3rd July.

Games are scheduled as follows:

Friday 08:00 SK Moscow vs Frankfurt Syndicate
Friday 08:40 London Nexus vs Copenhagen Ducks
Friday 09:20 Match for 3rd place
Friday 10:00 CPL Malaga Final

Friday 08:00 Amsterdam Xistence vs Outrage Valence
Friday 08:30 Lisbon Benfica vs Consilium Dei Zurich
Friday 09:00 Match for 3rd place
Friday 09:30 SPL Malaga Final

Division 1
Friday 08:00 Amsterdam Sabotage vs All Russians Moscow
Friday 08:30 Manchester Firm vs Mallorca Madness
Friday 09:00 Match for 3rd place
Friday 09:30 Division 1 Malaga Final

We ask supporters and spectators to come and support the teams as they fight to gain the top podium places!

Please do not miss the opportunity to watch the top teams from Malaga compete against one another, followed by a full day of games from the Millennium Cup.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
19 of June, 2009
Information for Paris: Rosters & Millennium Trophy Format

• Rosters for all Teams will be unrestricted for our Paris Event.

• The Millennium Trophy (Div 3) will feature a R2:2 Format which includes coaching and spotting.

Limited Spaces are available still in The Millennium Cup & The Millennium Trophy. Currently 11 spots remain within The Millennium Cup and 17 within The Millennium Trophy. Registration will close on Wednesday 24th June, so if you wish to enter your team please do so before this date to avoid missing out on a spot!

Full entry Details can be found at www.millennium-series.com/teams.php?team=register.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
05 of June, 2009
Disney Millennium Cup, 3rd-5th July '09 - Not to be Missed!!

The Millennium Series are pleased to announce the exciting new format for this year Disney Millennium Cup, which will once again make this Event the highlight of the European Paintball Tournament scene.

The format of this Event will give teams the unique opportunity to watch and play against the best teams and players from around the world. The spectacular 3 day event will also provide players and spectators the chance to not only witness the best teams battling it out within Open Pro and Amateur Divisions, but also:

• Finals from our Malaga Event for the top 3 Divisions
• The Intercontinental Cup

Our Paris Event always proves to be an extremely popular and successful Event. This year will be no exception and will provide hours of Paintballing action for players and fans alike. Will we see a shock result within the Millennium Cup and see an Amateur team steal glory away from the Pro's? Which Division 3 team will be victorious and lift the Millennium Trophy?

Disney Millennium Formats:

The Millennium Cup

Open Pro Division (CPL/SPL): €2025 (inc UK vat)
Open Amateur Division (D1/D2): €1450 (inc UK vat)
Div 2 teams that have played Malaga or Bitburg: €1351.25 (inc UK vat)

Please note that for CPL, SPL and Div 1 Millennium teams your entry fee is prepaid and included in your license fee; there is no additional cost to you. To confirm to all Millennium locked league teams - participation in the Millennium Cup is part of your license agreement and is not an optional event.

• Games played over 3 days.
• Limited to 96 Teams
• Game Format: Race to 4 Points
• Divisions of 4 Teams - Top teams in each Division will progress to Knockout Stage, along with best 8 2nd placed teams and play for top honours - "The Millennium Cup". *changed: see draw PDF
• Teams placed 33rd - 64th will qualify to play "The Millennium Plate" in the knockout stage.
• Remaining teams will play in the knockout stage to win "The Millennium Shield".

Teams are guaranteed to play at least 4 games, before the winners of the 3 Trophies will be decided! Cash prizes will be awarded to teams placed 1st - 4th in the Cup, Plate and Shield finals:

• €140.00 from every CPL, SPL, D1 and D2 team entered will form the CUP Prize Purse. This Purse will be distributed accordingly:

1st Placed Team: 50% of Purse
2nd Placed Team: 25% of Purse
3rd Placed Team: 15% of Purse
4th Placed Team: 10% of Purse

• €60.00 from every CPL, SPL, D1 and D2 entered will form the PLATE Prize Purse. This Purse will be distributed accordingly:

1st Placed Team: 40% of Purse
2nd Placed Team: 25% of Purse
3rd Placed Team: 20% of Purse
4th Placed Team: 15% of Purse

• €45.00 from every CPL, SPL, D1 and D2 team entered will form the SHIELD Prize Purse. This Purse will be distributed accordingly:

1st Placed Team: 40% of Purse
2nd Placed Team: 25% of Purse
3rd Placed Team: 20% of Purse
4th Placed Team: 15% of Purse

With places limited and over 80 teams already booked into the event, book in now in your chosen division to avoid disappointment.

Millennium Trophy

• Division 3 Teams: €747.50 (inc UK vat)
• 2 Day Event - Saturday & Sunday
• Game Format: Race to 2 points.
• Maximum of 48 teams.
• Divisions of 6 teams. Minimum of 5 games to be played, with a minimum of 10 points to be won at this stage.
• 1st placed teams will progress to the play knockout games within the "Millennium Trophy", to determine the overall winner of the Event!
• 2nd placed teams will progress to play the knockout games within the "Activision Trophy", to determine the winners of this Cup.

Trophies for Millennium Trophy and Activision Trophy Winners.

Places limited for this very competitive competition to 48 teams - please ensure your team has a place at this Event by booking in as soon as possible! Click here!
The Millennium Paintball Series News
03 of June, 2009
Rankings after MAXS European Masters in Bitburg are online now. Malaga Semis and Finals for CPL, SPL and Division 1 are still to play in Paris, making the ranking complete.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
25 of May, 2009
Draws for CPL and SPL for the MAXS European Masters in Bitburg are online. Regarding the fact in Malaga every team could finish two games it has been decided to use that results to seed the teams into their groups like it would be a tournament ranking.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
22 of May, 2009
Dear teams and trade,

I am sure you are well aware of the ongoing decisions regarding our sport in Germany, what ever the out come is any potential restrictions, these will only take place next year so the Bitburgh event will go ahead as in previous years, if you have any questions on procedures please contact Mr. Ulf Müller at ulf.mueller@maxs-sport.com .

We the Millennium of course are fully supporting Paintball in Germany and I hope to see you all there next week.

The following message is from the FPPS (www.forum-pro-paintballsport.de) which involves all the German paintball community, the leagues, tournament producers, field operators and whole sale distributors and retail outlets.

Kind regards

Barry Fuggle

Dear teams and European paintball community,

following current discussions regarding paintball in Germany there is now a bigger interest in our sport than ever before. For the upcoming European championship in Bitburgh a lot politicians and main stream media have confirmed there attendance. So many of our international friends in other European countries are asking us what they can do to help us fight the ban on paintball in our country.

Here is what you can do. Please register as many teams as you can last minute in division two and three, our goal is to show the government and the public what our sport is all about and that paintball is truly an international sport connecting players and teams from all over European on a regular basis. Paintball is the life style that is shared by all of us and the bigger the event is the more impressed our politicians will be.

Also remember the good times we have had in Bitburgh before and we are so glad the millennium is returning to this renowned party venue. More bars and clubs than before serviced by famous Bitburgh brewery.

Join us and helps secure a brighter future for paintball in Germany .
Kind Regards


The German paintball community
Forum Pro Paintball-Sport GERMANY
The Millennium Paintball Series News
28 of April, 2009
Statement from the Millennium Series Re the Fuengirola Beach Cup

By now I am sure all are aware that the first event of the 2009 Series was hit by the worst weather experienced in the area for the last 15 years on the second day of the event. With gusts of wind recorded near by at 100 km/h it is no surprise that play had to be suspended on safety grounds at 1.00pm on Saturday afternoon and no further play was possible that day.

When it was confirmed that 5 fields could be put back in to play on the Sunday the decision to suspend play for division 1, SPL and then inlay CPL was taken as all teams had completed two matches each, so this was the fairest point to stop and we will play all rescheduled games in Div 1, SPL & CPL in a way which has the least impact on the affected teams. Also the priority was given to complete division 3 and division 2 matches as these teams would predominately not be in Germany. Further details of exactly how this will take place will follow after careful consideration and consultation is given to all aspects.

I would just like to add my heart felt thanks on behalf of the Millennium for the incredible support and understanding from the vast majority of the teams and trade who where there and could tell that there was nothing to be done but sit it out. I would also thank the local council of Fuengirola who really helped to ensure we could continue on Sunday and of to the incredible effort of the millennium crew and refs as well as those who rolled up there sleeves at 4.30am and had 5 fully functional fields up and running by 8.30am .

At this point I would take the opportunity to squash rumours that the major reason for play being stopped was because the new field system was not good enough for the job. The exact opposite is the case. The 3 inflatable fields continued to play for 30 minutes longer than the standard pole system of fields 4 and 5 as play was suspended on these due to poles being snapped clean in half by the wind. Play was stopped on safety grounds as there was the real danger of injury to players from flying debris from tents, tables etc. The inflatable fields were deflated in 2 minutes and sustained no damage. It is a fact that if the Millennium had been using the traditional netting system there would have been no chance of any play at all on Sunday as there would have been no fields left. The only delay to rebuilding the inflatable fields was the fact that the turf had actually been lifted by the wind and needed to be reset. After this the netting system, which was completely undamaged, took 5 minutes to re-inflate.

The continued filming by Eurosport was a great success and we look forward to some great footage from them, I think the weather will make for some very interesting programming, and let us not forget the magnificent success of the first live web cast by Spirit of Paint who had more than double the anticipated viewing figures which was fantastic.

It is of great testament to our staff, refs, the cooperation and understanding of the players and the now proven success of the new netting system that all division 3 and division 2 matches were completed in total.

It is a great shame that nature should conspire against us all in such a way, but much larger events such as Formula 1, tennis and golf suffer in just the same way as we have just done. The show always goes on. This will not prevent us from returning to such a fantastic venue with such a great party atmosphere. Despite the weather this atmosphere very much continued with the teams who knew they would not be taking any further part taking advantage of the many bars which saw some serious partying.

As I say further news and confirmation of how the missing matches of the league teams will be played will be issued shortly.

See you all in Germany and if any of you have a direct line to mother nature please have a word.

Kind Regards

Barry Fuggle

CEO Millennium Series
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