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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
18 of January, 2010
Following the PSP decision to ban yellow on clothing and equipment for 2010, the Millennium Series would just like to clarify that there will be no change to our conditions in 2010.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
16 of January, 2010
Fuengirola Cup Confirmed!

16th - 18th April, Fuengirola Cup, Fuengirola Beach, Malaga

The Millennium Series are pleased to announce that we will again be returning to the fantastic beaches of Fuengirola to begin the 2010 season in style!! This will be a great event to kick off the season in the sun (hopefully!) to be held 16th - 18th April.

Once again we have the full cooperation and support of the local council, Mayor and hotels, which will enable us to put on a fantastic opening event, with a new venue for the players party and great hotel deals.

Hotel deals will be published on the website shortly. When booking your hotels, please ensure that you use the word "Paintball" in order to receive the special rates.

Entry for the Event will open on Tuesday 26th January. Places within Open Divisions will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Last year teams missed out due to not registering early enough. To avoid disappointment, please ensure you register as early as possible as there are limited places available within these divisions!

EasyJet are currently running special offers from certain countries to Malaga so book early to save some pennies!! www.easyjet.com

We look forward to seeing you all on the beach!
The Millennium Paintball Series News
15 of January, 2010
2010 Series News!

Following the results of our recent Team survey and a Millennium Board meeting, we are pleased to announce the following information for the 2010 series!:

Entry fee reduction for SPL, Division 1 and Division 2:

The majority of teams expressed that they would prefer cheaper entry fees in place of event prize money. We are therefore happy to announce that by removing the prize fund for these divisions from events, we are able to reduce the fees to:

SPL - €6250 + Vat per year
Division 1 - €5500 + Vat per year
Division 2 - €1000 + Vat per event

New Division 3

This year we are introducing a new division - Division 3! This division will be played as a Race to 2 format (no coaching) as trialled in Paris '09. As in the higher divisions, Event points will be awarded towards an overall Series Ranking.

Entry Price - €750 + Vat.

M5 Division

Alongside the new Division 3, we will also be running a standard 5Man Division as in previous years. This division is perfect for new or less experienced teams looking to sample an International Paintball Event!! No event points or series rankings within this division.

Entry Price - €550 + Vat.

Training Fields available at all Events!

We will now be offering training session slots on the Thursday before an Event. Hour long sessions will be available to all teams from 12pm at the cost of €400 per hour or €200 per team if the slot is shared. Slots must be booked in advance through Head Office (paula@millennium-series.com)

Confirmation for our first Event of the 2010 season will follow shortly, along with Hotel information, so please keep an eye on our website www.millennium-series.com
The Millennium Paintball Series News
15 of January, 2010
Brussels Graffiti will play SPL 2010
Brussels Graffiti are pleased to announce that we will take it to the next level and will play in the SPL for the 2010 season.

We have been given this opportunity due to the great sponsorship agreements we have with Empire, Planet Eclipse, Sly, Energy and p8ntball.be for the coming season.

We will be shooting for the second year in a row the new Brussels Graffiti Customized Planet Eclipse marker. We are excited to have for the second year this great high performance marker for the coming season. Brussels Graffiti is proud to be selected as a sponsored team for Planet Eclipse.

In order for the markers, loaders and paint to perform well, we use the best carbon barrels in the world, Sly barrels.

To shoot the perfect markers and loaders, we also have the support of the best performing batteries from Energy paintball.

Graffiti is honoured to have the continued support of RPS/Diablo who will be supplying us with the best shooting, best marking paint in the game and for practice from day one.

In addition Brussels Graffiti will look sharp in the new 2010 Empire Ltd. jerseys and black contact pants for the Millennium events, Empire Ltd Hinge harness, Empire Ltd bottle cover, the tool less Empire prophecy loader and the best paintball goggle ever, the Empire E-vent. They have been supporting us since 2004!

We practise against the best team at the best indoor field, p8ntball.be in Vilvoorde, near Brussels.

And last but not least, p8ntball.be is there for us since 2003 for just everything we need in paintball. www.p8ntball.be

Brussels Graffiti have played and supported the Millennium Series since 2003 and are now ready to compete against the best teams within the SPL.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
15 of January, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: Paint Xtreme to be Gold Sponsor 2010

PAINT XTREME is a large wholesaler and retailer who are well known to players all over Europe. You'll find them with their eye-catching booth at the majority of all European events and definately at all the Millenniums! At their booth you'll find the latest "cool" products and must have items of the season. The company from Germany represents many brands exclusively throughout Europe (e.g. Redz, Contract Killer Clothing/Hybrid, New Designz, beoranged, Bunker King) and further brands inside the German speaking countries (e.g. DLX/Luxe, Virtue, Tiberius, Exalt, Hammerhead, KM Straps...).

Anja Huber, International Sales Manager for Paint Xtreme says: "In our opinion the Millennium Series is the best thing that's happened to Paintball in Europe. I've seen many events and Series worldwide and can assure you that, in my opinion, this is without any doubt simply the best Paintball Series worldwide. This is why we have supported the Millennium since the start of our company in 2000. We are very happy and proud that we will be part of this Series again in the 10th anniversary year of our company! It only sucks that we have to work at the events and cannot play ourselves!"

For further information on Paint Xtreme visit www.paint-xtreme.com
Paint Xtreme
The Millennium Paintball Series News
12 of January, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: Kartel Prime to be Display Sponsor 2010

The Millennium Series are pleased to announce that Kartel Prime has confirmed that they are to be a display sponsor for the 2010 series. Kartel Prime includes the specialist brands such as Laysick and Sheath and produces a range of products at the forefront of design and image. Many of the new products are unique to the brand and use materials and designs that have yet to be used within the paintball industry. The range of goods include luggage, three grades of pants, custom lab tops, packs, gloves, bottle covers as well as an image conscious full range of custom casual line. The idea is to provide quality, reliability and a cutting edge image, whilst designing innovative products for the market. Visit the trade stand at each of the Millennium events to see the full range. The new range will be available soon at www.jcs-sport.co.uk.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
15 of December, 2009
Thank You for 2009!
We would like to send our thanks to all teams that competed in the 2009 season and congratulate the following teams who placed in the top 3 of their respective divisions:

In their first season within the CPL the Russian team SK Moscow put on a very impressive show and gained 1st place within the top division! Never finishing outside of the top 3, they played their part in some thrilling finals for the spectators!

2nd Place went to US team DC Arsenal Dynasty who impressively won 2 events, Bitburg and Antalya, to place as runners up for the season. Budapest Bullets from Hungary took the 3rd place in this closely contested league.

1st place honours in SPL went to the Portuguese team Lisbon Benfica. 1st places in both Bitburg and Basildon helped them secure the top spot overall for the 2009 season.

Swiss team Consilium Dei Zurich took the overall 2nd place, with French team Outrage Valence finishing in 3rd place.

Division 1
All Russians Moscow finish in the top spot after a truly impressive season. The Russian team won all four events of the 2009 season to convincingly win the title within Division 1. The team now gains an SPL place where they will try to retain their 100% record in 2010.

2nd place was awarded to Amsterdam Sabotage from the Netherlands. Polish team 2easy Warsaw take the overall 3rd spot in their first Division 1 season after closely beating fellow Polish team Ranger Warsaw.

Division 2
Greek team Dogs D'Amour Thessaloniki made the move from M5 to Division 2 this year and with 1 win and 3 podium places they win the overall title for 2009 by a fair margin!

Redball Paris from France finishes as runners up in Division 2 with Brussels Graffiti from Belgium finishing in an impressive 3rd place despite competing in only 3 of the 4 ranking events.

Division 3
Turkish team Istanbul Noname take the overall title for 2009, and finish the season by winning their home event of Antalya.

Black Legion Nimes from France claims the runners up spot after achieving 3 podium finishes in the 2009 season. German team Destination Wetzlar take 3rd place for the season.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
12 of December, 2009
PRESS RELEASE: GI Milsim to be Platinum sponsor 2010

The Millennium are pleased to announce that GI Milsim have confirmed that they are to be a Platinum sponsor for the 2010 series. GI Milsim, owned by Richmond Italia, Adam & Billy Gardner, are at the forefront of 0.50 calibre and have launched a full range of markers from Field markers to top end Tournament markers. In addition they have a range of loaders plus all the accessories necessary to compliment their products. For more information visit their website at www.gimilsim.com.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
10 of December, 2009
SOP TV is happy to give you the exclusive opportunity to ask all your questions related to THE MILLENNIUM SERIES 2010 season in a LIVE INTERACTIVE INTERVIEW with LAURENT HAMET on 11 December, Friday at 18:00 CET

This interactive interview will give you one unique chance to learn before anyone what the new season 2010 of the Millennium series is going to be. All paintballers are invited to join us during this show with possibility to ask questions directly to our special guest Laurent Hamet - member of the board of the Millennium series. Main topics include:

• dates and places of the events
• changes in rules for 2010, refering
• coexistence of cal.68 and cal.50
• sponsors, trade show
• fields, layout 2010
• spots, divisions, relegations, pulls

We'd love for you to join us! There are 3 ways to participate:
» Having a WEBCAM? Turn it on and drop us your question into our video e-mail. If the question is relevant it will be broadcasted during the live emission.

» You can ask questions though our chat system during the live show. To do this just come join us on 11 december, Friday at 18:00 CET on www.spirit-of-paint.tv

» If none of the above works for you or you can not be connected during the live emission by any reason , please send us your questions by e-mail to questions@spirit-of-paint.com
Please, do not wait the last moment or the day of the event to send us your questions.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
19 of November, 2009
Dear Team,

Firstly we would like to thank you for being a part of this years league. In particular we would like to thank you for your help and understanding at our opening event in Malaga, where we experienced the worst weather during an event in our history. Thankfully we ended the season in Turkey with probably the best weather we have had.

During 2009 we held one of our 5 events as an open cup in Paris, making a departure from our normal 5 leg league. After taking account of all feed back we have decided not to repeat this in 2010 and will therefore return to a 5 leg league as normal.

As always we are working hard behind the scenes right now in order to get the best possible venues with the best possible deals for teams confirmed. We are currently much further ahead with this than normal and can confirm our first two events with provisional venues for the last three. Shortly we believe we will be in a position to fully confirm the schedule detailed below. From lessons we learnt this year in Turkey, we are also negotiating very hard for improved hotel deals for teams at all venues and will bring advanced information on this as soon as possible.

The rules commission is also currently looking at the rule book to see where and if any changes are necessary. One rule that will be changed for 2010 will be regarding caliber. There is a growing demand to allow other calibers to participate in The Millennium Series and we are pleased to confirm that in 2010 we will allow both 0.68   0.50 cal. As a result we will open up our events to new companies who will be looking to sponsor teams. We expect to start announcing 2010 sponsors very shortly.

We are also looking at some fine tuning of our events in order to add to the overall atmosphere and smooth running with the hope to be able to help cut your costs further. We will shortly be contacting you for your feed back to assist us in our planning.

In the meantime if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at the Millennium. Once again thank you for your support.

Kind Regards

The Board of The Millennium Series


SPAIN: 16TH - 18TH April 2010: Confirmed

GERMANY: 21ST - 24TH May 2010: Confirmed

FRANCE: 02ND - 04TH July 2010: To Be Confirmed

ENGLAND: 10TH - 12TH September 2010: To Be Confirmed

TURKEY: 22ND - 24TH October 2010: To Be Confirmed
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