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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
24 of February, 2013

Dye Team "Dornbirn Daltons" playing Millennium SPL again

Dornbirn Dalons

"Our very traditional and also well known Austrian Paintball Team “Dornbirn Daltons” sponsored by “Dye Precision” will compete in the Millennium SPL this year for another time.

The Daltons were founded in 1994 by Markus “Mäki” Wohlgenannt. That means we have been on the field for almost 20 years! This makes us one of the oldest Paintball Teams in Europe, maybe even one of the oldest all over the World. When we entered the Millennium Series, they were not even called Millennium Series. Our first event in this league took place in Toulouse in 1997 and was known as the “World Cup Toulouse”. After this, we have been playing the Millennium for many years, competing in Pro Division, Division 1 and 2 and then the Semi-Professional League in which we competed from 2007 until 2009.

At the end of 2009 we decided to abolish the international level because some of our “old boys” took a break. Now, after a rebuilding process of three years the Daltons are back, stronger than ever before! The new Daltons team is a mix of paintball veterans who bring a lot of experience and talented, hungry “young guns” with the target to reach CPL level.

In 2012 we gained first place at the international event “German Open” and finished the second league of the German DPL in first place. In addition, we decided to play the SPL together with the German team “Roosters Ulm” and now think it is the best time to compete in the Millennium Series 2013 by ourselves.

In the 2013 season we are getting great support from our sponsors and partners with which we have been working together for years now. We got a great deal with “Dye Precision”, amazing promotion by Markus & Claudia from the Eventpark Dornbirn and we are also getting great support from Tone´s Paintballstore in Austria.

So look out for the very nice and friendly Daltons boys at the Millennium Series, it is going to be a pleasure to see all you guys again in 2013!"

The Millennium Paintball Series News
21 of February, 2013

Anthrax Paintball confirm Gold Sponsorship for 2013


The Millennium Paintball Series News
19 of February, 2013

Dutch team Bad Boys Oss join Division 1

Bad Boys Oss

"Team Bad Boys Oss is the youngest team in the Dutch paintball scene, with the youngest player being just thirteen years old and already having played Paintball for five years. The average age on the team is seventeen years old and Bad Boys Oss have been playing as a team for three years now. Team Bad Boys Oss began their journey back in 2009 as a kids team that wanted to play for fun at a rookie cup event. After several competitions and winning the tournament in Holland in 2010 as a final push we decided it was time to play at a higher level. Now we are playing the Pro-Division at the NPL in Holland and will be attending Division 1 at the Millennium Series!

Our first Millennium adventure started in 2011, when we played the first Millennium event together as team Bad Boys. The event we first attended was the London Masters, with the second one being Paris. We got through the prelims twice but were not able to win the next match. With these results we ended up placed 32nd in the first year we attended the Millennium Series.

In 2012, our best season so far, Bad Boys Oss attended the NPL pro series and three out of four Millennium events. We ended up being the undefeated winners of the NPL 2012. With a winning streak of 23 wins and still rising, Bad Boys Oss is on the biggest winning streak in Holland of all time!

The second adventure started in 2012. We planned to attend all events that year but unfortunately we had to skip the first event due to exams and graduations. Still, attending three out of four events we managed to end up 8th place overall. With the best event for us so far being Millennium Bitburg where we managed to end up in 3rd place.

We managed to get ourselves a spot in Division 1 for the 2013 season! Hoping to keep growing every single day.

What Ya Gonna Do?!"

The Millennium Paintball Series News
16 of February, 2013

Stockholm Ignition to play SPL

Stockholm Ignition

"We have been playing in Sweden and some random Millennium event during our rebuild years and are now proud to be back playing the Millennium Series. This is one part of our longterm goal. It will be very nice to see all our friends in Europe again!

We have to thank all our sponsors that means everything for us! We can play with the best equipment and Wizeguy and Maxs always makes sure everything is top notch for us! If you want to keep updated, follow us on facebook and instagram."

Facebook: www.facebook.com/StockholmIgnition
Instagram: instagram.com/stockholmignition

The Millennium Paintball Series News
31 of January, 2013

2013 Registration to open Monday 11th February

We will open registration for both Division 2 and Division 3, for all 4 2013 events on Monday 11th February. Please visit www.millennium-series.com/teams.php?team=register for all information on registration and links to registration forms.

There are limited places within both divisions, so please register early to guarantee yourselves a spot!

The Millennium Paintball Series News
31 of January, 2013

Houston Heat Heads to Europe!

~ In partnership with G.I. Sportz, team joins Millennium Series ~

Houston HeatHOUSTON, TX - Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - Houston Heat, powered by G.I. Sportz Paintball, is heading across the Atlantic Ocean to play in the Champions Paintball League of The Millennium European Paintball Series for the 2013 season. 

"We are honored to have the opportunity to play at an international level in the Millennium Series," said Houston Heat’s owner, Randy “Sarge” Smith. "We have great respect for the talent and level of competition involved in the league and are looking forward to the unique challenges it offers."

A year ago, Houston Heat announced its entry into the professional division of the Paintball Sports Promotions (PSP) league in the United States. In its inaugural season, the team took home three tournament victories, one second place finish and ended the year as the overall series champions. Entering the Millennium Series to play with some of the best paintballers around the world seemed a natural progression and one that the team’s owner hopes will be invaluable in taking the players’ skills to the next level. 

Many of the team’s players are no strangers to the European league. Six of its 10 rostered players in PSP and its coach, Jason Trosen, have played overseas and greatly benefited from the experience.

Houston Heat’s European roster has not yet been finalized. "There’s a lot of great talent out there," said Smith. "We’re considering a number of options, both at home and abroad, to ensure all our players are a good fit with the Houston Heat family."

This announcement comes on the heels of the news that the team has re-signed its key sponsors, G.I. Sportz Paintball and DLX Technologies. “We’re thankful for our sponsors, G.I. and DLX, for supporting us with world-class paint, gear and markers," said Smith. "With their help, the guys get to do something they love - play paintball - and we’re proud to help showcase their brands on a world stage."

Stay tuned to Houston Heat’s official Facebook page and website for news and roster updates.

For more information, please contact:

Helen Grose


The Millennium Paintball Series News
30 of January, 2013

Puget-Sur-Argens Mediterranean Cup - April 12th - 14th

The Millennium are pleased to confirm that the opening event will once again be held on the French Riviera at "Parc Saint James Oasis Village", Puget-Sur-Argens.

The venue is ideally situated in the French Riviera, close to major airports, Nice is approx 35 Mins, and with the towns of Saint-Raphael and Frejus just minutes away.

Several improvements have been made to the venue raising its standards to meet the levels expected of The Millennium. Accommodation to meet all budgets has been secured to ensure this event is as cost effective as possible for all participants, including very affordable on site accommodation making the need for cars unnecessary. 

This year the town of Puget and surrounding towns are fully behind the event and will be promoting our presence throughout the area helping increase the profile of our sport.

All information will be released on our website shortly, including special deals on accommodation and registration details.

The Millennium Paintball Series News
29 of January, 2013

First 2013 event confirmation and location will be announced 10pm CET Wednesday 30th January!

The Millennium Paintball Series News
21 of January, 2013

Planned confirmation of the first venue of the 2013 season

As previously announced, today was the day we planned to confirm the first venue of the 2013 series. Despite leaving plenty of time for contractual completion before planning to announce the venue, we unfortunately are still waiting on contracts to be returned to us.

To avoid problems that we've had in the past, we will not confirm any details until contracts are completed and received back with us, as the risk is too much to take, not only for us but more importantly the teams and their planning.

We trust you all understand the reasons for the delay and we can only apologise for this. We ensure you that the information will be released at the earliest opportunity and we hope that to be within the next week. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Millennium Paintball Series News
19 of December, 2012

Millennium Series 2013 Calendar

The Millennium Series is pleased to announce its preliminary schedule for 2013. We are currently waiting on some contractual completion in order to confirm and announce some new venue details but are confident that we can now release the below calendar to you, to allow for early planning for all;

2013 Preliminary Event Calendar

April 12th to April 14th - Mediterranean Cup (Venue to be announced 21st January 2013)
May 24th to May 26th - European Masters, Bitburg, Germany
July 5th to July 7th - Campaign Cup, London, UK
October - World Cup (Dates and new venue to be announced)

Following a very successful 2012 series, which included the biggest tournament event ever held in Europe, we are determined to continue this positive trend throughout 2013. We have been busy negotiating and securing a new and exciting venue for our final event of 2013 ... further details to follow soon!

Not only will 2013 see at least one new venue introduced into the series, but we will once again, in collaboration with the EPBF, give national teams the chance to compete in EPBF International competitions, held during our events. Further information will be made available in the coming weeks through the Millennium, the EPBF and your National Federations.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2013 series. Keep an eye on our website, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter where further information regarding venues and registration will be available soon.

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