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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
10 of July, 2012


The final Millennium event of the year in Paris is shaping up to be the biggest event ever held in Europe, with over 200 teams attending.

Disney balloon up

With unprecedented demand, we have now taken steps to allow us to expand Division 2 to 48 teams and Division 3 to 60 teams. Teams are entering from all over the world with many countries new to the Millennium being represented.

Even with this expansion it is very likely that all spots will be sold out in the coming days, so we strongly advise teams to register quickly to avoid disappointment.

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With these record attendance figures coupled with the EPBF U-19 Championship, this event promises to be the biggest festival of paintball yet seen in Europe.

The Millennium Paintball Series News
09 of July, 2012

Winners London Masters 2012 - Semiprofessional Paintball League: Polar Bears Tarko Sale

Polar Bears Tarko Sale

The Millennium Paintball Series News
05 of July, 2012

Winners London Masters 2012 - Champions Paintball League: Toulouse Tontons

Toulouse Tontons

"We are very happy with this result, which is unprecedented in the history of French paintball! This round of London was an intense and emotional game. Our result is due to the combination of our sponsors, with GI's best tournament paint and the best marker, the Dye DM12 which allows us to use this very fragile ball.

We also support Sport Attitude, Energy Paintball, Virtue, Social Paintball, Paintball Photography, Wyl, The K Project, VidéoArtProduction, Armotech and all our supporters.

Remaining is the last stage in Paris where we hope to offer you a beautiful show and will also celebrate 20 years of the Tontons."

The Millennium Paintball Series News
01 of July, 2012

All rankings after London Masters 2012 are online, as well as the CPL and SPL groups for the upcoming World Cup in France in October.

The Millennium Paintball Series News
18 of June, 2012

London Masters 2012 - Teaser #2

The Millennium Paintball Series News
11 of June, 2012

Winners European Masters 2012 Champions Paintball League: San Diego Dynasty

San Diego Dynasty

"San Diego Dynasty and Edmonton Impact would like to thank the Millennium Series for putting on another great event. While it's a long way for us to come, the awesome fans, the quality of the reffing, the overall event quality, and the quality of the other teams make it worthwhile for us. It's a great opportunity for us to play with our friends from Edmonton Impact instead of against them, and it's a lot of fun for both teams. We would especially like to thank Empire Paintball and Planet Eclipse giving us the necessary support to make the trip across the pond. We'd also like to thank Guerrilla Air, RPS, CP, and Maxs for their support. We really enjoy our time spent in Europe playing the Millenniums, and part of what makes it so special is the support we get from the fans and the other teams. You can always keep track of what we have going on by following us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/DynastyPaintball or on our website at www.DynastyPaintball.com."

The Millennium Paintball Series News
09 of June, 2012

Winners European Masters 2012 Semiprofessional Paintball League: Polar Bears Tarko Sale

Polar Bears Tarko Sale

The Millennium Paintball Series News
08 of June, 2012

Winners European Masters 2012 Division 1: Izmir Collision

Izmir Collision

"Izmir Collision has been renewed since last season in D2 with additional really good players. We almost had a perfect start in 2012 reaching the finals in St Tropez, but couldn't get the 1st place. The Thursday practice there was our first paint practice for the Norwegian players due to weather conditions up in the north. We all knew that we were more then good enough for a 1st place. We could now since St.Tropez practice outdoors with paint, and that obviously helped a lot. We felt like most of the games went without any problems, we gave away very few points during the weekend. We are happy with the results, and we are even more closer for a promotion. We really want that SPL spot in 2013! We've got to get the overall 1st place in London. A cool fact is that several of the top teams in D1 this year are teams that has been promoted from D2 last season.

We would like to thank Celtic for the great paint we shot in Bitburg, they are always there for us. We also need to thank Izmir Angelpaint Paintball for the support, Turkish hunting and shooting federation for the help. There are also friends that help us in the pit during the games… Great to have you there! 

We will be even more prepared for the London event, watch out, and see you guys there"

The Millennium Paintball Series News
06 of June, 2012

Winners European Masters 2012 Division 2: Aggression the Hague

Aggression the Hague

"Our 4th place in St. Tropez was a product of all our hard work and effort in the last few months. Allthough we were very satisfied with the result, we knew we could do even better, even more. So we got hungry for more... Bitburg would be the event to show that, and luckily we got the chance to do so. Aggression is now ranked 1st overall and more than ready to defend that ranking at the next event in London! We look forward to it..... hope to see all the teams there!

We would like to thank our fine sponsors who made all of this possible: TAC-Paintball for the support , Bob Long for the G6R makers, RAZA for the great jersey, Ninja for the excelllent airsystems, dssp8ntball.com for all they did for us, and last but not least The Cap Guy for the website.

To all the fans and supporters, who where there on site and here back home, we would like to thank you for all the support and help. We just couldn't have done it all without you! We hope we can count on you next time!"

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