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The Millennium Series: European Paintball Series
The Millennium Paintball Series News
10 of February, 2012



As you may be aware the Millenniums last 2012 event in Disney Paris and the PSP’s Crown Jewel event “The World Cup” in Orlando Florida unfortunately fell one week apart.

This was nobody’s fault and is an unfortunate result of available dates given by some venues. In these circumstances nobody wins and it is a big problem for teams, sponsors, trade & both series. The Millennium did try to get a date change but unfortunately Disney had no other availability.

After very constructive discussions with the board of the PSP, and their efforts in renegotiating with their venue in Orlando, The PSP have very kindly changed the date of this year’s World Cup to the weekend of October 27th 2012.

The board of the Millennium Series would like to thank the PSP for taking this action and would very much hope everybody understands and appreciates their efforts in making this season better for us all.

The Millennium Paintball Series News
06 of February, 2012

Vanguard Paintball join the Millennium as a 2012 Gun Sponsor

"Vanguard Paintball are very proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the Millennium Series for 2012 and beyond.

We feel the time is right now that we have 2 markers, The Creed and The Demon. We are also now in a position to offer more to teams that play the Millennium Series and make it a worthwhile relationship for everyone involved.

We look forward to attending the events of this year and wish everyone good luck."

Jason Bagshaw

Managing Director
Vanguard Paintball

The Millennium Paintball Series News
03 of February, 2012

Paint Xtreme to be Millennium Gold Sponsor

Paint XtremePAINT XTREME  has existed since the year 2000. From the very beginning  this German company has supported the Millennium.  Every player who has been at a Millennium event know their colourful booths full of all kind of products. The company, with it's headquarters near Frankfurt, is the exclusive European distributor for such brands like REDZ,  HYBRID, BEORANGED, NEW DESIGNZ, BUNKER KING, REDZ and the exclusive German distributor for such well known names like DLX (Luxe) , KM, EXALT, TIBERIUS, VIRTUE,CAPTAIN O-RING and many more. No matter if you are a dealer or player, it’s always worth visiting them at their booth or their website www.paint-xtreme.com

The Millennium Paintball Series News
03 of February, 2012

Dynamix Metz to Join Division 1

Dynamix Metz"Dynamix Metz Paintball Team is very proud to join Division 1 this year. Built 8 years ago, the teams skills increased quickly with the arrival of new, young motivated players. It's now time to fight against the strongest teams, and we hope this season helps us to increase our skills. Many thanks to our sponsors, fans and friends who support us and follow us at all times.

J Loisir - Dynamix Metz | www.paintballevasion54.com"

The Millennium Paintball Series News
03 of February, 2012

Riviera Cup Update- Division 2 Full!

Despite registration for our first event only being open for 20 days, we can already announce that Division 2 is full at 32 teams. We have an important waiting list in operation for Division 2 and already Division 3 is over half full!

We are quite surprised by this situation as for the 2012 season we increased the entry fee for Division 2 teams. This decision was made because Division 2 not only plays the same format but uses the same facilities and generally gets the same product and services as Division 1. Division 1 teams in past seasons, not only had to pay more in total, but have to pay the combined entry fees for the whole year completely, even before the season starts, whereas Division 2 teams enjoy their flexibility to play and pay per event, instead of having to commit to the whole season months in advance.

We had thought that some Division 2 teams would look to moving up to Division 1 given the price increase and request a license for a Division 1 spot.

We will try to accommodate as many teams as we can to play the Millennium Series this coming year but we feel that it is important to maintain the quality of our events and therefore will have to restrict the number of entries we can take.

We will contact Division 2 and Division 3 teams to see if those which are planning to play the entire season, would be interested in moving up to compete in Division 1 this season. We currently have Division 1 licenses available, but Division 1 will be restricted to a maximum of 30 teams.

If you are a Division 2 or Division 3 team and are planning to play the entire 2012 MS season, please do not hesitate to contact Ulrich at the following email address: ulrich@millennium-series.com He will assist you in obtaining a locked division license for 2012.

IMPORTANT NOTE; If you were planning to play in Division 2 or Division 3 we strongly recommend you register and pay as soon as possible, even if the divisions are full as date and time of payment received dictates your ranking on our waiting list. To register your team please contact paula@millennium-series.com or visit www.millennium-series.com/teams.php?team=register

The Millennium Paintball Series News
02 of February, 2012

DXS to be Diamond Sponsor 2012


The Millennium Paintball Series News
01 of February, 2012

GI Sportz to be Diamond Sponsor 2012

GI Sportz

The Millennium Paintball Series News
30 of January, 2012

Trailer - St.Tropez-Cannes 2012

The Millennium Series 2012 - Trailer StTropez from Claude Sagné on Vimeo.

Video Art

The Millennium Paintball Series News
18 of January, 2012

French Riviera Cup 23rd – 25th March 2012

We are pleased to announce that our 2012 opening event will be held on the French Riviera at “Parc Saint James Oasis Village”, Puget-Sur-Argens.

Situated in the French Riviera, close to major airports and the towns of Saint-Raphael and Freujs, Parc Saint James Oasis Village, offers an ideal new venue for the Millennium Series.

With improvements being made to the attached Paintball site to raise the standards to Millennium levels, this venue lends itself to a perfect set up for a Millennium Event. Various self catering, on site accommodation is available for which great deals have been secured for all participants.

Parc Saint-James Oasis is a unique village club, offering self catering accommodation and an authentic Provencal village. In the heart of the village, a large friendly square is the focus point of activities. Many other facilities are available including a heated swimming pool, fitness room, 2 bars, restaurant and disco, which will allow for a fantastic atmosphere throughout the event.

No rental cars are required, fields are in walking distance.

Site Address:

Oasis Village
Route de la Bouverie
83480 Puget Sur Argens

Booking Forms:


Booking form to complete and return by mail to oasis@camping-parcsaintjames.com.

Information (no booking):


Self Catering Accommodation:

Not available anymore! Chalet 6 persons – Price €348.00 for 3 nights, €57 per additional night.

Not available anymore! Villa 4 persons – Price €287.00 for 3 nights, €51 per additional night.

Bungalow 4 persons –Price €274.00 for 3 nights, €46 per additional night.

Mobile Home 4 persons – Price €265.00 for 3 nights, €41 per additional night.

Hotel Accommodation:

In addition to the Village accommodation the Millennium are currently securing deals for local hotels. Full information will be available online shortly.


Nice – 35 minute drive
Toulon – 50 minute drive
Marseille – 80 minute drive



Registration is now open! We do advise that you book in quickly to guarantee a place at the event.

No rental cars are required, fields are in walking distance.
The Millennium Paintball Series News
23 of December, 2011

2012 Series Registration to Open 14th January!

Registration for the 2012 season will open on Saturday 14th January 2012!

Full information on Open Divisions, Pricing and Entry Forms can all be found online at www.millennium-series.com

Spaces within divisions are limited so we advise that you book in as soon as you can in order to avoid disappointment!

Further details on our exciting new venue and accommodation deals for the French Riviera Cup will also be published in the New Year.

May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

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